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Friday December 11th, 2020

December 2019.

This is the date that I, Daniel Lasek, have launched Hustld. It's meant to be a community of business owners (specifically SaaS owners) who tell their story on how they got started. My goal was to target individuals who want to create their own companies and who might require guidence or inspiration from other entrepreneurs.  I only got 5 interviews and soon after I decided I wanted to work on other projects. I closed down the server and stopped the site.

December 2020.

Here we are today. I remembered that I had purchased a server for a year on AWS and enjoyed when users visited Hustld to read business interviews. In addition I want to log my journey of Hustld and how I plan to grow it. I am turning Hustld into an "open start up". I will share all my progress on my twitter (@itsdevdaniel) and write blogs on here. As of right now the site is not monetized in anyway but I do plan do add some sponsored posts, subscription and cool features in the future! My primary goal as of now isn't MRR (Monthly Reccuring Revenue) it is the # of interviews I can get per month. I am hoping to get at least 5 interviews before 2021 and 10 interviews in January 2021.

If you are a business owner (Saas preferred) and would like me to interview you send me a message.

Goal December 2020

5 New Interviews

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